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hey hi hello 💕🧚🏻


dearly beloved

happy taurus season! 

happy 420 blaze it! 💚🍾


this is a royal and exxxxytremely exxclusive invitation to our dream-performance this saturday 24th of april between 8-9:45 PM.



ich liebe meinen kern

魔法的 بالش 枕頭 خواب 夢 森林 水晶 کریستال 月睡 ماه 火 冥想 

~ به پاریستان خوش آمدید



with / by

陳婉芸 chen wanyun

پری مدنی pari_sa madani // psoriasis aka b1txx3$k?llah* fka persian princis juicy gucci bubu say ha name



you have been hand selected to join this little experiment of a guided dream meditation and celebration of natural elements.

wanyun (my collaborator) and i will stage this 90min horizontal sleepy dance performance in a tiny theater stage in amsterdam with only our school mentors watching live. 


what this is : ?

the durational performance is built up of three parts that are each 30minutes


  1. water/ moon

  2. dreams

  3. fire/ sun 


the ‘water/moon’ starts as the preparation / good-night-routine. a moment to reflect on change and care.

for the 2nd part 'dreams' you are asked to close your eyes and participate in guided dream walking. you decide how far you want to follow the guide and when you want to transcend.

the 3rd part 'fire/sun' is the rising of the morning that 'hopefully' brings us all back into our bodies and homes.

throughout the show, there will be sound signals to mark the transitions between the different parts. 


how to participate:

you (!) are invited to join us through the power of the internet, a live-sdream link that connects to you from the comfort of your own pillows. 

if you have people to cuddle with, be with them, invite them for a date!

sometimes pillows can be more comforting than people, so don't worry if you're without another human for now. 


for the dream sharing/painting:

please use any (visual) artistic form to capture the dreams and visions you have! paintings, notes, scribbles, doodles, sprinkles and swirls, expressionistic, avant garde, cubism or naturalistic, whatever you see and can remember once u open your eyes, catch it! ~ paint it! 

afterwards we want to collect these notes and understand, if we managed to dream together, sharing a dream :)


you will hear lots of poems, relaxing ocean sounds and instrumental music pieces mixed together. 

if you hear something you like in particular, i will share the playlist with you later <3


the lights on stage will be low, to support the resting of the eyes. 

you can close your eyes at any moment and use this as an audio-only meditation. 


the movement on stage will be slow and calm. some water bending, some choreographed score, nothing is fast, everything is cute.


if there's anything else you want to know fee free to ask.

we're currently finishing sewing our pillows and mats, tomorrow we're doing a technical run and general rehearsals.


thank you for receiving this


see you miss you kiss you soon in our dreams!!!!


<3 <3 <3 




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ich liebe meinen kern = j'ad'ore hardc'ore (2021)

魔法的   بالش   枕頭   خواب   夢   森林   水晶   کریستال   月睡   ماه   火   冥想 

~ به پاریستان خوش آمدید


Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 00_edited.png

vishnu vardhani rajan david cham c.ada grüter
philth haus saman mahdavi raouf shobani
antonella fittipaldi setareh fatehi eddy
martini cherry furter mama + papa


full live-sdream performance
password : 4Pr1vat3Eyes
starts at 1:22h

*part 1 water / moon* + *Part 3 sun / fire* online
to experience *part 2 dreams*, please contact us for a private session

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